The Wendy’s Bridal Team

Here to help you find your dream wedding dress!

Lil - General Manager
Lil General Manager

“I have assisted Wendy’s brides for over 20 years, and still find it thrilling to truly help a bride find the gown that best suits her figure, style and personality.”  

Lila - Store Manager
Lila Store Manager

“I have been helping brides at Wendy’s for 21 years. Every time a bride finds the perfect dress, it’s exciting again.”

Karen - Office Manager
Karen Office Manager

“My favorite part of my job at Wendy’s is being able to work as a team to create the best possible experience for each of our customers.”

Kathy - Alterations Manager
Kathy Alterations Manager

“I am a perfectionist when it comes to my craft. Customizing each customer’s gown fit has been rewarding to me every day for the last 24 years.”

Janet - Bridal Consultant
Janet Bridal Consultant

“I have been a bridal consultant for 12 years. I love meeting our brides and their families, and helping them select the perfect gown for their special day.”

Marion - Seamstress
Marion Seamstress

“I have worked for Wendy’s since 1998 and love my job. I inherited my talent and passion for alterations from my talented grandmother. She taught me so much.”

Erin - Bridal Consultant
Erin Bridal Consultant

“I have worked in many aspects of bridal, including flowers and cakes. I most love helping a bride find a gown that makes her feel perfect.”

Sara - Customer Service Representative
Sara Customer Service Representative

“I love how everyday is different and every bride is unique.”

Sue - Bridal Consultant
Sue Bridal Consultant

“I have 30 plus years of bridal experience and love spending time helping my brides find the perfect dream dress for their special day.”

Willy - Bridal Consultant
Willy Bridal Consultant

“For 20 years bridal has been my career – a very fulfilling and happy part of my life.”

Yelena - Seamstress
Yelena Seamstress