Mother of the Bride & Mother of the Groom Dresses

Making Moms Look & Feel Special

Whether it’s your daughter or your son getting married, their wedding will be one of the most important days of your life—and all eyes will look to you when you stand beside them. Just as you want your child to look perfect for their big day, you also need to look and feel special. We’re here to help.

Our bridal stylists will help you discover fashion-forward options for your mother of the bride dress or mother of the groom dress. We can help you match to the bridesmaids and the other mother, or make each of you stand out in your own unique way. Wendy’s Bridal makes moms shine.

The Best Selection of Mother of the Bride & Mother of the Groom Dresses in Ohio

Many bridal shops make the mistake of offering great bridal dresses, but poor selection for the mothers. At Wendy’s, we know how difficult your role is, and we’ve made ourselves the go-to source for fashionable mothers. With more than 40 years developing our collection, Wendy’s simply has a selection you won’t find anywhere else:

  • A full line of designer mother dresses
  • Options for mother dresses matched to bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses
  • Size selection and expert tailoring to make the perfect look for any woman
  • A budget-friendly selection with mother dresses starting at $300 and bridesmaid dresses in the $200 range

Most importantly, our staff gives you the attention and expertise you need. You will work with a trained bridal consultant who can help you find the perfect fabric, cut and color and bring your vision to life. Our goal is help you look and feel great—both on the big day, and when you see the photos.

Is there etiquette I need to follow as the mother of the bride or groom?

There is some traditional etiquette for both mothers, but at Wendy’s we know that every wedding party is unique. Traditionally, the mother of the bride would choose her dress first, as early in the process as possible, and it would set the tone for the mother of the groom’s dress. Today, some mothers prefer to choose their dresses independently, and this works well as long as there is open communication from both sides.

Other considerations we often hear mothers ask about include:

  • Matching. You may choose to match the bridesmaids’ dresses in color and style, or you may not. It’s more important that your dress does not actively clash with the maids, whether or not it’s a direct match.
  • Colors. Most mothers avoid wearing white, ivory or other light colors, to avoid stealing thunder from the bride. Many also ask if red or black are off limits, because those colors are so strong. We have seen some very tasteful mother dresses in all these colors, but it depends on what the bride is comfortable with. It helps if you discuss your tastes with her first.
  • Being “too sexy.” Moms are sexy! A traditional mother’s dress errs on the side of stately and reserved, but there are many exceptions. You can do a head-turning dress as long as you are respectful of the bride. Remember that she is expected to be in the spotlight.

Wendy’s has worked with mothers on every kind of wedding—from the most traditional to the most unique. We know that you need to express your own style while also playing one the toughest roles in the wedding. We will be there for you, just as you’re there for your son or daughter.

A Memory You’ll Cherish

Your son or daughter’s wedding photos will capture your dress for years to come. It should be one that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful, and part of their special day. Let Wendy’s give you a free session with a professional bridal consultant. Fill out the form below or contact us at 614-336-9100 (extension 5) to request your free appointment today.