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The Biggest Bridal Selection—All in One Place

Each year, Wendy’s Bridal assembles a catalog with page after page of unforgettable dresses. It’s not easy: we work with several designer names at a time, and offer hundreds of dresses ready for try-on at our Ohio stores. We simply can’t include shots of every gown we’ve fallen in love with. Instead, we try to choose the standout examples that capture the spirit of each label, each line, each silhouette. We want our catalog to serve as a teaser—enough to show you all the possibilities of bridal fashion.

Different brides use our catalog in different ways. You might go page by page, hoping to be struck by the perfect dress. Or you might flip through more casually, just to get a sense of what styles are out there. No matter what your approach, our trained bridal stylists are here to answer questions and help you. And we offer a free private appointment if you’d like to see our full selection, with far more than you see in the catalog.

At Wendy’s Bridal, we offer:

  • One of the largest selections of any bridal shop in Ohio, with more size selection and styles
  • Many dresses in-stock and ready for fitting
  • Breathtaking collections in the $1200-$1800 range, with off-the-rack options starting at $399
  • Complete lines for bridesmaids as well as brides
  • A friendly, supportive environment for you, your girlfriends and your family

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to find the right dress in the right budget. That’s why we give you your own bridal stylist and lots of personal attention.

Why We Recommend Our Preferred Bridal Vendors

We encourage you to use any vendors you believe will help you make the perfect wedding. But we also know that not every vendor in the bridal industry delivers the same results. At Wendy’s Bridal, we have over 40 years’ experience assisting brides and making weddings a success—and we’ve seen some vendors who truly stand out. These are the names we find ourselves recommending time and time again. We have paged through their photo albums, swooned at their tailored tuxedos, and (of course) sampled their to-die-for cakes (just a small bite!). We trust them.

Have you had a great experience with other wedding vendors? We always like to know who’s wowing brides, grooms and their families. Let us know the vendors who had the biggest impact on your big day.

Find Your Perfect Dress

A dress can look beautiful in the catalog, but it’s nothing compared to the feeling of trying it on. Let Wendy’s Bridal help you find “your” dress. We have over 40 years of experience, with caring staff and one-on-one attention. Let us give you a free private appointment with your own fitting room and bridal stylist. Simply fill out the form below or contact us at 614-336-9100 (extension 5) to request your free appointment today.