Wedding Planning Tip #5: Know Your Budget

Budget conversations can be tough sometimes, but I realized it’s very important to have full awareness of your overall budget BEFORE you get started with planning. I cannot stress this enough: You want to make sure you are only looking at things that are within your reach. When you start planning, sit down with your fiancé\family and set out a budget and a plan for each item needed. A key piece in these items, is your bridal gown. This is a big one!! It’s important to be realistic with what you can afford before you go shopping. Did you know that the average bride spends between $1,200 and $1,500 on their bridal gown, not including alterations? It is always a good idea to go into your appointment knowing your budget, and to spend time only looking at options within those walls. This is something that I think goes across the board with wedding plans in general. I’ve ended up taking several décor items out of my cart after spending over an hour shopping at Hobby Lobby and realizing I had WAY too many items in my cart than what I came in for. Sometimes, you have to reel it in. Expectations vs. Reality. Keeping your bottom line in mind while making decisions make the ins and outs of planning easier on both you and your fiancé 😊