Preferred Wedding Professionals

Here is the latest list of our favorite wedding professionals. Make sure to check out their ads in our 2018 Wendy’s Bridal Catalog for more information!

We encourage you to use any wedding professionals you believe will help you make your perfect wedding. But we also know that not every professional in the bridal industry delivers the same results. At Wendy’s Bridal, we have over 40 years experience assisting brides and making weddings a success—and we’ve seen some vendors who truly stand out. These are the names we find ourselves recommending time and time again. We have paged through their photo albums, swooned at their tailored tuxedos, and (of course) sampled their to-die-for cakes (just a small bite!). We trust them. Check out their ads in our catalog, visit their websites, and then reach out. They are ready, willing and able to make your special day truly memorable!