Wedding Planning Tip #1: Enjoy The Process

Wendy's Bridal in Columbus OHSo, my big day has come and gone!

I know people always say, “The day goes by so fast, try to soak it all in!”, and I hate to be cliché, but they’re right. I cannot believe how fast our wedding day went. You spend so much time planning this event that it’s almost a sad moment when it’s over, but for some (us) it was more of a relief than anything. We completely pulled it off, I got to marry the man of my dreams, and it was a fairytale wedding at Via Vecchia Winery in downtown Columbus. I did not have a wedding planner, and wow it was a lot of work, but it was so incredible to see my vision all come together. I was so impressed with how everything turned out. Every late-night brainstorming session with the now husband, every frantic email chain typed, every Pinterest pin researched and every bridal magazine purchased, the time spent planning was all worth it. I cannot believe how perfect the day went! Now that I’ve had some time post wedding to reflect, I wanted to write about a few things I thought would be worth sharing with all of you Wendy’s Brides-To-Be! Here is the first topic in this series:

1. Enjoy the process!

As the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun! Enjoy it. You only get this tiny little amount of time (whether you have a longer engagement or a short engagement) to spend planning this huge life event. Enjoy all the little things. Enjoy saying fiancé. Enjoy cute things that say “Bride” on them. Enjoy the attention on you and your big day. Enjoy the extra time it grants you with loved ones. Everything seems stressful at the time, I know, but I honestly loved doing things with my fiancé. From picking out our menu at the food tasting, to moving tables around at the venue meetings, and picking color schemes at floral consultations. It seemed like a lot to do at the time, but looking back, we had so much fun doing these things together and I’m so thankful for these memories. Try to find the silver lining in any hiccups that happen. If you don’t get the venue you wanted because they didn’t have your date available, that may lead you to find an even better venue that does. Especially being in Columbus, there are so many options out there for brides, so keep an open mind and have fun choosing! Once you step into the bridal world, you are almost inundated with options, which can be overwhelming. There is a point where you should stop looking at Pinterest. Delete your app. There’s always going to be a million options out there and ideas you will love, but comparing everything you’re doing to a Pinterest board can steal your joy. Try to focus on the big picture, why you’re getting married, and that all of your favorite people are coming to celebrate YOU and your GROOM!

Good luck with planning and enjoy every minute!


Vanessa at Wendy’s Bridal Columbus