Designer spotlight: Jasmine

We carry almost ten different designer bridesmaid lines, and none of them compare to Jasmine.

No one offers:

  • More size diversity
  • More color diversity
  • More maternity styles
  • More customizable fabric options
  • And more matching junior bridesmaid gowns

I think all of our bridesmaid stylists will agree when I say we love Jasmine bridesmaids.

 Another Beautiful bridesmaid dress
Belsoie, style L194006.

Currently, we carry their three maids lines: Belsoie, B2, and Jasmine Bridesmaids. We also carry their mother’s line, Jade, but I’ll hold back that appreciation for another post.

Perfect purple dress for bridesmaids
B2, style B193015.

They are number one in trends and colors. We can always count on them to be one step ahead of bridesmaid fashion. They’re the ultimate hipsters of bridesmaid designers—if there’s a style craze, they were doing it before it was cool.

Perfect blue dress for bridesmaids
Jasmine bridesmaids, style P196007.

And with a wide price range ($150-$300), every bridal party budget can find something.

But don’t take my word for it. Check them out and you’ll see what I mean.