From A Bride To A Bride

hello fellow brides!

My name is Vanessa and I will be your new blogger for the Wendy’s Bridal in Columbus!

I work in the office at Wendy’s Bridal, and I am also an upcoming Wendy’s bride myself! I am getting married in two months almost exactly to the day I am writing this (ahh!) and I am so excited to share some fun and helpful tips that I have found along the way as my wedding approaches! I’ve been engaged for a year and a half, and still feel like I haven’t had NEARLY enough time to plan everything. Am I the only bride who realizes how many little things there are to do as you get towards the end?! Let’s discuss some of these things further in a blog series, shall we?

Fun Fact: I got my dress at Wendy’s before I even worked here! I had two of my bridesmaids in town for the weekend, so of course wedding dress fun would ensue.  After having a less than impressive experience at another store, we got home and did some research. One of my bridesmaids stumbled upon Wendy’s, and decided to call to make an appointment for the following day. All the sudden we were excited about dress shopping again and was relieved to have another appointment made while they were in town. I was paired with Tasha, and had so much fun during my appointment that I jokingly said “I want to work here!!” to her in the fitting room, and little did I know – 5 months later I would be in training! I was about 4 dresses in when I found the one, and I said “yes to the dress” before I even got out of the fitting room to show anyone lol. It was such a fun experience, and I love seeing brides have that same moment and say yes to their dresses at Wendy’s!

With having the authentic experience of being a customer at our store, going through the madness of wedding and honeymoon planning myself (I can already feel a blog post coming on titled “Why Didn’t We Get a Travel Agent?!”), we thought it would be a fun idea for me to start a bridal blog series for the store! I noticed throughout my own planning process that I always felt like I wish I had more engaged friends. I just needed someone else to be like- “Oh girl, I totally get it!” or “Hey these things helped make my life easier, check them out!” Having another person who is going through the same thing always helps, and wedding planning is tougher than it seems on Instagram! Through working at the store, I am always talking to brides about their wedding plans, and I have been making a list of common themes that I have noticed most brides struggle with. Our goal here at Wendy's Bridal is to use this blog to help answer all the questions you will encounter during your entire exciting wedding planning process.

Check back in July, when I am back from my honeymoon, and ready to share with you my wedding-planning journey!



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