4 killer workouts for your wedding dress

It’s 2017! The season of a new workout routine—especially if you have a wedding is this year. New year, new you!

I have a couple of things to preface before we go into things. One: Never feel pressured to change size for your (or someone else’s) wedding. I am the body-positive type, so if you love yourself just the way you are—and you’re a healthy individual—more power to you girl! I’m giving tips for those looking to define muscle in certain areas.

Okay, second: These are tips taken from outside sources. I am not a trained health professional. (2017 goals?) So make sure to discuss these with a qualified individual to see if a new workout routine is right for you.

Now let’s get to it!

For strapless gowns

Focus area: Upper body. Shoulders, back, and arms.

Yoga Upward Dog Large

This health.com slideshow gives you tons of ways to tone your upper body. From the tops of your shoulders to the tips of your fingers, you’ll be looking flexed and fabulous.

For low back gowns

Focus area: The back

A stunning low back gown by @maggiesotterodesigns 😍 #wendysbridal

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For a low back gown, not only do you want to target your upper back, but your middle and lower as well. These workouts from POPSUGAR will help you get toned in just those areas.

For mermaid silhouettes

Focus area: Torso, glutes, and upper thighs.

Lung Workout

Say hello to crunches, lunges, and planks! For your fitted gown, you’ll want to spend some time on your midsection. Building muscle and trimming fat, especially around the tummy, will make you feel like a million bucks on the big day.

For T-length or short dresses

Focus area: Legs

Calves and hamstrings and ankles, oh my! As a runner training for a half marathon, I can say from personal experience that running gives you some seriously rockin’ calves. Elliptical machines, treadmills, or plain old running outside are your go-to. But if you’re not the cardio type, calf raises or step-ups are a great alternative.

So get out there and start getting closer to your perfect look! Make 2017 your best year yet.