Wedding Planning Tip #4: Decisive Brides are Happy Brides

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m an indecisive person. I’m workin’ on it! I cannot tell you how many times I have realized along this wedding planning journey that being decisive is the key to a positive experience. One of my favorite moments during the planning process (and one of the only times I was actually a decisive person) was buying my dress!! As many of you know from my videos and blog posts, I bought my dress at Wendy’s Bridal before I worked on the staff there! I had so much fun in my appointment, and I think it was partly because I really came into my appointment with a goal to find my dress. I had two of my best friends with me, and after trying on about 4 dresses, I pretty much said “Yes to The Dress” before she even had it zipped up in the fitting room! I went into that appointment so relaxed and ready to find my dress, that it was such a fun moment!! Honestly, that was probably one of the most stress-free experiences of the whole wedding planning process for me, and I think a part of that was that I went into it ready to be decisive if I knew a dress was the one. I got SO MANY compliments on the dress I chose, and everyone kept saying “It’s so you!” I look at every picture and I’m SO glad I got the dress I did and I want this experience for every bride I meet! Same with the bridesmaid dresses. I picked the dresses for them all to wear at the very first appointment. It was so easy for them to order, and we got them in plenty of time for alterations. Everyone looked great. With Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook, it can honestly be hard to find styles you don’t like.  There are so many options in front of you so I know it’s hard, but I learned if you try not to overanalyze your decisions and go with your gut, you have a much more enjoyable experience!