Wedding Planning Tip #2: Trust Your Crew

I, like many brides I’ve met, have this teeny tiny little issue with giving up control when it comes to the big day. You spend so much of your time piecing together all these little details, it’s hard to give up control to a wedding planner/family/friends offering to help, etc. I often complained about how overwhelmed I was with planning, but would inadvertently ignore the offers for help I received from friends and family because I wanted to make all the decisions. Once I got about two months out from the wedding, I realized I was going to need a Day of Coordinator or some kind to help facilitate everyone on the big day. EVERYONE I spoke to advised me to do this, and I am SO GLAD I did. I can’t stress to you girls enough – have a Day of Coordinator if your venue does not provide you one. I “hired” my cousin who had recently been married and is a spreadsheet wizard. She put together an amazing timeline and had a list of everyone’s contact information, etc. She handled ALL the communication with vendors that night, made sure all the centerpieces were set up the way I expected them to be, that all the candles were lit, and most importantly, that my groom did not see me during my not so sneaky exit from the limo before the ceremony started. My parents and my bridesmaids were also there for every little thing I needed that weekend. From my dad going to the store to find matching picture frames for me at the last minute since one of them broke in a box, to three of my bridesmaids flat ironing my hair and applying more lipstick in the bridal room before I went back out to the dance floor for my first dance, haha. I am so relieved I let them take over, and realized that that would be one my biggest pieces of advice for other brides: Trust your crew 😊